Hansa Cequity presents MarTech White Papers

Martech is all about collaborating between marketing and operation departments of an organisation. The Martech stacks helps to integrate those selling brand promises and those executing those brand promises. The marketing, sales and the operations look athe same data and take better decisions to determine what efforts are working and where future opportunities lie.

Powered by MarTech, the teams look at critical data to process and automate areas that could allow scalling up of their marketing efforts. The valuable time of the decision makers is spent more on looking strategically at what is happening and make quicker changes that can make a significant impact their bottom line.

Hansa Cequity, with over a decade of expertise in the field of MarTech, presents some exclusive MarTech white papers. The users are welcome to download them and pass an enquiry, the team would be happy to demonstrate or clarify.

The Coming Adtech Martech Convergence

Believing that brands can only deliver enhanced CX by having an integrated view of customers and their data over their lifecycle with the firm.

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A Journey Into Email Marketing

Open rates, click rates, response rates. What works? Discover the levers that needs to be considered for the success of truly effective email marketing campaigns.

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Test & Control. A Campaign Measurement Framework

The role of loyalty programs have shifted from their ability to attract new customers, to generating revenue and increasing customer satisfaction with existing ones.

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How Digital can Transform Healthcare Relationships

Connected patients are using the Internet to become more informed about their health conditions. Can the industry engage with their patients via these very channels?

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Leveraging Analytics to Retain Customers

The first step to staying engaged with customers and reducing churn is by using analytics to understand behaviour and the reasons associated for these behaviours. DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER

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The Changing Face of Banking

Helping a leading private sector bank bring all its data together to develop an omni-channel 1-to-1 marketing program to improve loyalty and customer level profitability.

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